Ham Radio Station Project

Since my ham radio station is near completion, I am sharing my  experience through this photo journal.    In the end I hope to post a video of my working ham station.


I would also like to thank Kevin KD9HUI who helped me with this project, without his knowledge in electrical and his help in running cable, this project would have taken longer than expected.   I would also like to thank all the ELMER's who I spoke to on the radio for their assistance as well, you are too numerous to post here, but you know who you are and I do appreciate all your help.


If you would like to view larger photos, just click on them


Phase 1 of the project was to run two lengths of 75' DXE 400 Max Coax from my attic to my basement.  Plan A was to go through a wall from the attic to the basement, however, we hit a snag on the main floor and could not break through the floor plate.  Plan B was put into place, which the run is attic, through a bedroom closet, through the closet, to the garage attic, then down the garage wall, to the basement. This made my run short by 6 feet, however, two additional length's of 6' 400 Max coax was purchased.   Running this coax was a little tough as you can not make 90 degree bends, but we managed to get the job done.   It took a day to complete this phase.  Coax was purchased at DX Engineering.

It starts with a foundation and an idea, you have to start somewhere.


Phase 2 was the electrical and changing two outlets to 20amp.  The good news was that with proper planning for the ham station, we were able to convert two 15amp plugs to 20amp plugs pretty quick.  The toughest part was running the wire.  It was also decided to put one outlet on a master switch to power on or off most of the equipment.  This phase took about 6 hours and only one trip to Lowes.


Phase 3 the build of the desk.  Basically 2x4's from Home Depot (Gotta Love Gift Cards at Xmas Time).  Dimensions 92" long by 36" Wide.  I would have made it wider, however as you can partially see in some of the photos, I had to deal with a basement escape window. 


I also installed a TV Lift (CO-Z Motorized TV Mount Lift with Remote Control for Large Screen 32 Inches ~ 72 Inches, Height Adjustable up to 72 Inches, Weight Capacity 154 lb. Fast Lift Speed 1 Inch Per Second - Purchased on Amazon).  I installed a pine board to be able to mount two monitors (ViewSonic VA2246MH-LED 22 Inch Full HD 1080p LED Monitor with HDMI and VGA Inputs) also purchased on Amazon.  Two Swift Mount SWIFT110-AP Tilting TV Wall Mount for TVs was used to mount the monitors to the pine board, again purchased on Amazon.  Yes the TV lift may be overkill, however it has good reviews and it is beefy and weighs 50 pounds alone, I did not want to go cheap on the lift.


Finishing up on the frame, added all the supports and worked on the riser.  The riser is 4.5" tall.


I found these cabinets by chance at the Habitat for Humanity Restore store in Aurora (Fox Valley Mall)  This made is easier for the build and they were inexpensive, since they are used, they made for the perfect choice, as the angle was already done. 


Test fitting the cabinets on the desk and added a top shelf above the monitors.  Also added the L part of the desk and more test fitting of all the cabinets.


Final phase of the build.  Completing the risers, mounting equipment, and lettering.   I hope you enjoyed my photo journey of building my ham radio shack.   Below is a You Tube Video that you may enjoy as well.